Jamie Cockayne 1st Officer and Dive Instructor, Private Yachting, OPS Africa

With the volume and type of diving we were doing, coupled with the extreme remoteness of most of our cruising itinerary, we needed to be more self sufficient in case of a dive related Emergency.

An onboard hyperbaric chamber is undoubtedly the best option if the worst were to happen, however, like most people, we thought that the storage of such a piece of equipment on a sailing yacht would render it impractical if not impossible.

Until we came across the SOS Hyperlite.

The Hyperlite is a compact, fully collapsible Hyperbaric Chamber, and Hyperbaric Stretcher. It Packs down into less than a cubic meter, and fit easily into one of our deck lockers. Set up is quick and easy, and the fact that it runs off dive cylinders means it is deployable anywhere onboard, in minutes.

Along with the arrival Hyperlite in Nadi, Fiji, we were given, what was in my opinion, the highest quality training course I have ever sat on. With the extra knowledge, and knowing that the Hyperlite is on hand, we now dive with extra confidence, no matter how remote the dive spot.

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