The Hyperlite SL3 is an ASME PVHO-1 Case 18 Compliant, lightweight single-lock hyperbaric chamber designed for multiple occupants. The system utilises SOS Group patented flexible braided tube technology in a single fold-out case.

Hyperlite SL3 - Key Features


Main Lock: 1.58m3
1168 x 1043 x 1297mm


ASME-PVHO-1 Case 18 Compliant

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SL3 Technical Specification

Exact Specification can be altered to Customer Preference

Description Imperial Metric
Length 118 in. 300 cm
Diameter 42 in. 107 cm
Window Thickness 1.7 in. 4.31 cm
Window Diameter 22.19 in. 56.36 cm
Pressure Vessel (PV) Weight 507 lb 230 kg
Pressure Vessel (PV) Volume 94 ft.3 2,662 litres
Max. Allowable Working Pressure 98 fsw 30 msw
Production Test Pressure 147 fsw 45 msw
Prototype Test Pressure (6 x MAWP) 591 fsw 180 msw

Key Features Details


The SL3 utilises the SOS Group patented lightweight pressure vessel technology, reducing weight when compared to traditional transportable hyperbaric chambers. This benefits the end user by making the system light enough for to transport by pallet truck, crane or (with certain models) multiple-person human lift capability.

The image displays the Hyperlite SL3 prior to pressurisation. The main fabric body is flaccid, keeping system lightweight.

Packaged Volume

The SL3 is modular in design, making each case more manageable for lifting, mobilisation and storage. The Packaged Volume of the main chamber is just 1.58m3  and weighs just 230 kg, particularly attractive onboard vessels where space is at a premium and minimising weight is important. An additional exoskeleton allows lifting lugs to be attached to the top of the chamber for overhead lift.


At SOS Group, Quality and Safety are the absolute priority. All of our chambers are designed to meet the highest safety standards. That’s what makes us the preferred choice for most militaries around the world. Our SL3 Chamber is designed and built to comply with ASME-PVHO-1 under approved Case 18 (you can be found online through asme.org).

Maximum Operating Pressure

Now suitable for O2 or Mixed Gas Use

The Hyperlite SL3 and DL5 Pressure Vessels exceeded all previous known pressure limits for textile pressure vessels anywhere in the world. Our prototype testing took the pressure vessels to an impressive 246 msw (24.6 Bar / 25.6 ATA) without failure, allowing our pressure vessels to be rated to up to 50 msw (5 bar/5 ATA) as per the requirements of ASME-PVHO-1. These pressures allow the system to be operated in accordance with some dive tables that require mixed gas use. The dive table used is controlled by the operator, who has complete control over pressure and breathing gas throughout the treatment.


Hands-on Medical Attention throughout treatment

The SL3 System standard set up is designed for 2 occupants – 1 x patient and 1 x attendant, enhancing patient care capabilities of the system by allowing hands-on medical care to take place throughout a treatment and therefore expanding the scope for treatment in more critical incidents. Additional gas masks can be provided for emergency situations, increasing the number of personnel to 3, sitting upright inside the chamber.

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